Q. What size wheel trims do i need to order.

If you are unsure of the wheel trim size you require please look at your tyre sidewall.(Fig 1) You will see your tyre size in the following format:
195/55-R15 for example.This would mean you would need to order 15 inch Wheel Trims.

Q. How many wheel trims come in a box.

All of our wheel trims come supplied in a box of four.

Q. I have bought wheel trims before and they turned up damaged

A. All of our wheel trims are of a high quality.Each wheel trim set is packaged inside a box along with protective packaging.

Q. Will these wheel trims fit my car.

All of our wheel trims are universal which means they will fit the majority of cars on the road. If you have a commercial vehicle then please choose the wheel trims from our
van wheel trim section.

Q.The wheel trims have 4 nuts on them, my vehicle has 5 nuts holding the wheel on.

The wheel trims that have nuts displayed on them are just for decorative finish. These are purely cosmetic and have no relevence on the fitment of the wheel trim.

Q. How do I fit the wheel trims.

To ensure the wheel trim is securely fitted to your vehicle’s wheel the retaining ring needs to be fitted to the inside of the wheel trim. Clip the retaining ring onto each of the lugs located on the wheel trim. (See Fig 2) Ensure that the ‘U’ shape section of the ring is facing downwards lined up with the tyre valve cut out position ( See Fig3 ) The welding point on the ring must not be fitted directly under one of the lugs. Finally, check the retaining ring is clipped firmly in place.

Locate the tyre valve on the wheel and line up the tyre valve cut out position on the wheel trim, match these points to fit the trim.(See Fig 4)

Press the wheel trim firmly into the wheel ensuring that each of the lugs locate into the wheel rim, until the wheel trim is firmly in position.

Do not use excessive force.This may cause damage to the plastic locating lugs.

To remove the wheel trim, gently pull the wheel trim outwards around the full circumference of the rim.

Do not use sharp objects to prize the wheel trim off as this can damage the wheel trim and the tyre.

Cleaning the wheel trims.

Wash the wheel trims on a regular basis using a mild soap and water and one of our approved wheel cleaners.